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Med Cycle Systems understands that Surgery Centers may have unique needs regarding medical waste. These needs may be around:


  • Medical waste service pick up requirements depending on size of facility and amount of waste generated

  • Biohazardous waste compliance manifest paperwork and reporting

  • Bloodborne pathogen training and O.S.H.A. compliance training

  • Hazardous pharmaceuticals, R.C.R.A., and H.I.P.A.A.




Surgical Waste Disposal

Surgical Center Medical Waste


MCS has the experience to meet your needs. From a standalone practice to a multi-facility corporation, we have the experience to understand and meet your needs. 

Our medical waste services for Surgical Centers include:


  • Medical waste pickup and medical waste disposal services

  • R.C.R.A. programs for hazardous pharmaceuticals

  • A large assortment of supplies

    • Sharps containers for needle disposal and syringe disposal

    • Biomedical waste bags

    • Medical waste containers

    • Access to thousands of sharps containers and other medical waste products



Our hospital waste disposal services offer compliant disposal of Medical Waste, Sharps, RCRA Hazardous Wastes "red bag"Laboratory Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals .


We offer biohazardous waste services to hospitals and healthcare facilities of all sizes across Southern California.  Our disposal services meet the varied waste disposal needs of your pharmacy, laboratory, environmental services, and patient care areas. Your hospital’s system of diverse departments, services, and buildings produce different types of wastes that are covered by diverse compliance requirements, best practices, and standards.



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