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Laboratories Waste Disposal

Laboratory Waste Disposal

We handle your waste with care.​

We understand the complexities your company faces when handling Laboratory waste Disposal. On a daily basis you may handle waste consisting of: contaminated glass, rigid plastic, autoclaved waste, and other solid materials. We do everything in our power to ensure medical waste is discarded into an approved red bag-lined biohazard container. 


Laboratories deal with a multitude of Cultures, ranging from bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoa, insects, and fluids or tissue containing microorganisms or insects.  We ensure safe handling by trained O.S.H.A. staff to give your labratory peace of mind.

Just as your patient care is important to you, our customers are important to us.  This is why we focus on customer service, compliance and safety. We work hard to make sure that you, our customer, is satisfied and assured that your medical waste is handled responsibly.  We tailor our service to meet your needs, adapting when we need and addressing situations before they become issues makes us one step above the competition.


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